Seeking an Alternative to Two States

“We don’t want to live under illusions,” Jabari told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “The creation of a Palestinian state is impossible. It is against our religious principles because we cannot give up land. The idea is a stillbirth.”As an alternative, Jabari envisions a single state within which Palestinians live legally and in peace with their Jewish neighbors. And he has taken significant steps to make that vision a reality. For several years, Jabari has nurtured contacts with Jewish leaders in Hebron and has hosted several meetings aimed at, as he says, “eliminating the hate that has been building in recent generations.”

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Happy Birthday to Hebron

Happy Birthday to Hebron By David Wilder Eretz.Org – Hebron November 1, 2018 Hebron is riddled with miracles. From 3,800 years ago, when our Forefather Abraham discovered the Caves of Machpela, which according to ancient Jewish literature houses the tombs of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, through the commencement of the Davidic monarchy, some 3,000 years ago,

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by David Wilder   A couple of years ago I heard a story. Hair-raising. Probably, years ago, I would have posted it immediately. Maybe. But maybe not. It’s so…unreal, but it’s true. A few days ago an article popped up on my computer screen. I decided that the time had come. Especially now. August is usually a difficult time of

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