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Happy Endings

I have received a number of responses to my last article, “May 10, 1999.” Those responses relate to the “overly optimistic” conclusion of the essay. Therefore, I would like to clarify: The article was written as a result of questions put to me relatively frequently in Hebron, by tourists and journalists alike. I suppose others also pose the question to themselves,

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CPT – Squalor on the Face of the Earth

CPT is the abbreviated name of Christian Peacekeeping Teams. This primarily Mennonite group ends each of its internet postings with thefollowing signature: ‘CPT Hebron has maintained a violence reduction presence in Hebron sinceJune of 1995 at the invitation of the Hebron Municipality.’ Hebron Municipality = Arab Mayor Mustepha Natsche What does CPT really stand for? On February 18, they posted the following:“CPT calls on Christians committed

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