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Jewish Lives Matter by David Wilder

This morning a 20 year old religious Jewish Israeli soldier was murdered by an Arab terrorist outside the Ofra community which is just north of Jerusalem. Elchai Toharlev, which translates into English as ‘LivingG-d PureHeart, together with a fellow soldier, was providing security at a bus stop-hitching station, protecting civilians from terrorists. An Arab terrorist, driving past and seeing them,

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According to the ‘Hebron Accords,” one of Israel’s obligations is the further arming of Arafat’s army. The weapon chosen to distribute to the terrorists is called the ‘mini-Ingrim.’ This gun is similar to the Israeli Uzi, except that it is deadlier. It shoots more bullets faster than the Uzi. It shoots single rounds, and is also automatic, like a machine gun.

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