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Jewish Lives Matter by David Wilder

This morning a 20 year old religious Jewish Israeli soldier was murdered by an Arab terrorist outside the Ofra community which is just north of Jerusalem. Elchai Toharlev, which translates into English as ‘LivingG-d PureHeart, together with a fellow soldier, was providing security at a bus stop-hitching station, protecting civilians from terrorists. An Arab terrorist, driving past and seeing them,

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Happy Endings

I have received a number of responses to my last article, “May 10, 1999.” Those responses relate to the “overly optimistic” conclusion of the essay. Therefore, I would like to clarify: The article was written as a result of questions put to me relatively frequently in Hebron, by tourists and journalists alike. I suppose others also pose the question to themselves,

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Machane Yehuda

The “Judah Camp” – English for Machane Yehuda. Situated in downtownJerusalem, between the Central Bus Station and the Jerusalem city center,Machane Yehuda serves the City of Gold, as well as the surroundingsuburbs. It is commonly known as the `shuk’ – the fruit and vegetablemarket. But anything else, be it food, meat, dry goods, paper products –a potpourri of whatever you

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