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A Message to Americans

The following letter has been distributed over email lists during the last few days:JOIN OUR WELCOME RALLY to demonstrate to the Prime Minister a great show of support.THE NATIONAL UNITY COALITION INVITES YOU TO ATTEND A WELCOME RALLY AND ADDRESS WITH OUR HONORED GUEST AND KEYNOTE SPEAKERPRIME MINISTER BENJAMIN NETANYAHUMon., January 19th, 1998 – 3:30 to 6:00 PM at the

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Machane Yehuda

The “Judah Camp” – English for Machane Yehuda. Situated in downtownJerusalem, between the Central Bus Station and the Jerusalem city center,Machane Yehuda serves the City of Gold, as well as the surroundingsuburbs. It is commonly known as the `shuk’ – the fruit and vegetablemarket. But anything else, be it food, meat, dry goods, paper products –a potpourri of whatever you

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Land Day

Yesterday Israel celebrated Land Day. Such festivities! The IDF was out in full force, as were the police. It was truly a day to be remembered.     Of course, the stars of the show where Arabs, on both sides of theGreen Line. They were having the time of their lives. It could almost have been mistaken for the fourth of

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Moments of Truth

Life is full of crossroads. Some are very personal, others of a public nature. Some are relativelyunimportant. Yet others, may have far reachingimplications and consequences. Presently Israel is at acrossroads that may determine our fate – the fate ofHebron, of Jerusalem, of the State of Israel, and of theentire Jewish People. We have arrived at a moment oftruth. Tonight, a

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