There’s going to be more than one tomorrow by David Wilder

The reports coming in are that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is said that archeologists discovered a rare parchment, just over 3,000 years old, at excavations adjacent to Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Written in ancient Hebron, the document is seemingly a declaration of the unification of the tribes of Israel, with the capital being Jerusalem. Amazingly, the document is signed, David ben Yishai, King and is undersigned by leaders of the 12 tribes.

Due to the sensitivity of the documented announcement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, only one copy has been reproduced, with the original being archived at the most secret underground security hanger in Israel.

The one copy was immediately whatsapped from the personal account of Prime Minister Netanyahu to the mobile account of President Donald Trump, who agreed to forgo reception of the document via Twitter.

Trump has decided to make this unique find public tomorrow, at a major speech in the United States.

Earlier today, the King of Jordan and the president of the Palestinian Authority, as well as other Arab leaders and clergy, rejected the claims that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. They angrily asserted that King David was none other than a follower of the Muhammad (who was born some 1,600 years after David), and that newly discovered charter proves that Jerusalem is really the capital of palestine, that it was written in ancient Arabic, and it belongs to them. They have called for a special session of the UN security council, the UN Human Rights Commission, UNESCO, TIPH, and the international court in the Hague, in order to make their case. Votes at all of these institutions are expected to unanimously accept the Arab claims and protest Trump’s decision by blocking the roads in New York, Ramallah, Oslo, Geneva and Hague in the Netherlands.

So much for an attempt at satire.

The reports out of DC are really that Trump has notified Arab leaders that tomorrow he will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and plans on moving the US embassy to the holiest city in the world.

Recognition is nothing to sneeze at. Truman in 1948, the UN in 1947, San Remo in 1923, Balfour in 1917. And now, Trump, a hundred years later, as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel.

But one aspect of these ‘recognitions’ must be entirely clear. Such acknowledgment is necessary only for the nations of the world. We, the Jewish people, already know, and we’ve known it since not long after creation, that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and that Jerusalem is our eternal capital for over 3,000 years. The fact that our land and our city were destroyed and conquered by the Romans, the Muslims, the Crusaders, the Mongols, the Ottoman Empire, and the British, leading to a 2,000 year old amnesia does not and cannot change reality.

There are many substantive significances to the upcoming US decision, and those of the past 100 years. At present I’d like to point out just one: and that is quite simply, if and when the nations of the world recognize and acknowledge the legitimacy of the Jewish people in their land, that means that we’ve done our job.

It goes without saying that none of this could have possibly occurred without Divine intervention. But if we didn’t do our part, it could not have happened. If we don’t know what is good for us, how could we expect anyone else to. It is our job to influence holiness and sanctity throughout the world, for the betterment and good of all peoples, in all places. But we can only accomplish this goal when we are firmly established in our homeland.

It took 2,000 years to come home, and it wasn’t easy, but it’s done. We’ve made that clear. And at present, countries from around the world, from Africa to Saudi Arabia, from all corners of the earth, are standing in line to establish ties with Israel, taking advantage of our security, economic, agricultural, high-tech, and so much other expertise.

This doesn’t mean that we’re home free. It’s no secret that there are those who really believe that they’re planning our demise. But they’re wrong. It won’t happen. They cannot undo the Divine miracle of the State of Israel, of the Jewish people back home in our land.

How can I be so certain? Well, how many people, a year and a half ago, thought that Donald would be president and that he’d take the Arabs apart? In April, 1945, who thought that three years later a Jewish state would be declared, would fight a war and win? And the list goes on and on and on. From the beginning of time up to today. And having made it for so long, I have no doubt that there’s going to be more than one tomorrow.

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