Blood Libel

Blood Libel
November 12, 1996

The last few days have brought forth very interesting
news articles concerning Hebron.
1. There was a television report disclosing plans by
two Jewish women in Hebron to immolate themselves to
prevent the Israeli army from abandoning Hebron.
2. It was also revealed that a Hebron `extremist'
might attempt to assassinate either PM Netanyahu or
Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai.
3. Hebron's Jewish residents, it was reported, are
hoarding illegal weapons and ammunition.
4. In addition, a list of some thirty names of
Hebron-Kiryat Arba `fanatics' was discovered by press
sources. These people are to be placed under immediate
administrative detention preceding `redeployment'.
(Hebron's Noam Federman was already arrested for two
months by administrative order.)
5. And finally, anonymous sources within the
military divulged that quiet will never come to Hebron as
long as there are Jews in the city, leading to the
conclusion that the Jews should be evicted.

1. Yesterday, police commissioner Asaf Hefetz,
reacting to the press accounts concerning immolation,
publicly announced that this report was a figment of the
imagination of a particular police officer. In reality,
there was never any truth to the report.
2,3, and 4. Hebron police are not bashful. If they
know, or even suspect illegal activities, they know what
to do. In most democratic countries, when a person is
suspected of illegal activities, he is arrested, indicted
and tried for his crimes. If there really is stockpiling
of illegal weapons, or if there are plans to kill anyone,
not only political leaders, why are the perpetrators not
arrested and officially charged with breaking the law?
Why aren't the illegal weapons confiscated?
Who are some of the BIG 30? Anat Cohen, mother of
eight and pregnant, together with her husband Ronen, Orit
Struk, mother of eight, Rav Moshe Bleicher, Dean of the
Shavei Hebron Yeshiva, Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, Executive
Director of the Association for the Renewal of the Jewish
Community of Hebron, Rabbi Moshe Levinger, Father of
Hebron's Jewish community and Noam Arnon, Spokesman for
the Jewish Community of Hebron.
These are some of the dangerous fanatic extremists
who must be incarcerated using military administrative
orders to ensure successful implementation of the Oslo
abandonment accords in Hebron.
5. The "peace accords" were drawn up and are being
implemented in order to usher in a new era of peace. Why
then, can't Jews and Arabs live together in Hebron? The
answer is, of course, because the Arabs aren't interested
in peace. They are interested in `piece' - taking Israel
apart, piece by piece. That includes, initially,
eradication of the Jewish Community of Hebron and any
Jewish presence in Hebron. In future Arafat plans, it
includes annihilation of the State of Israel. Why must
Hebron's Jews pay the price of a cowardly accord, which
is already a failure? Rather than introducing peace and
coexistence, it is paving the road to extermination.

However the real issue that must be faced is WHAT IS
GOING ON? Who is behind this concerted, intentional
campaign to continue on the path of the previous
administration to delegitimize Hebron Jewish Community
and its residents. Who are the `anonymous' high-ranking
officers who have decided, and taken it upon themselves
to notify the press, that the Jewish Community of Hebron
must be uprooted. Does the military create political
policy, or does it follow orders given by the political
establishment, led by the Prime Minister and Defense
There is a group of people with the military, as
well as in positions of authority throughout the
government, who may be classified as "The Oslo Group."
These are people who assisted in initiating Oslo and
furthering it over the past few years. They are still in
positions which allow them to circumvent present
administration policy, and at the very least, continue to
throw mud at the Jewish Community of Hebron. The Israeli
media is an instrumental tool in this blood libel, which
is attempting to paint a picture of fanatic crazies who
will do absolutely anything - the ends justify the means.
This is, of course, total nonsense. The events
undertaken by Hebron's Jewish Community prove the point.
We have undertaken numerous legal activities, both in
Israel and throughout the world, to influence public and
political opinion. This is a legitimate right in any
democratic country. It should be noted that we have
been successful in our efforts. The New York Solidarity
Concert was attended by 1,500 people. Last Shabbat,
10,000 people from all over Israel came to Hebron to
celebrate Abraham's purchase of Ma'arat HaMachpela 3,700
years ago, as read in the weekly Torah portion.
Yesterday about 2,500 Jews came into Hebron for special
prayers and to show solidarity with the Jewish Community
of Hebron.
Unfortunately, there are those who attempt to
undermine this right and obligation, by using any means
at their disposal. The result is the smear campaign
presently being waged against us, with the cooperation of
the press and tools such as administrative detention.


Yesterday I participated in a meeting that included
Hebron and Yesha leaders with Likud MKs and the Minister
of Defense. The details of the meeting were released by
Arutz 7 news. However, one point must be stressed.
There are Likud MKs who, in spite of their lack of
public expression, are very torn by the continued
implementation of Oslo, especially concerning Hebron.
They know and admit the tremendous error being made,
deeply regret it. This may be illustrated by the
following answer by MK Michael Eitan, the Likud Coalition
Leader in the Knesset to Dr. Aaron Lerner's question:

IMRA: It sounds like you are talking to a cancer patient
who is terminally ill.

Eitan: That is a good example. A doctor can have a
cancer patient and he cuts an arm and a leg and he tells
the patient that that will heal him yet he knows that
cutting the arms and leg won't suffice. There is not
today a serious person who can say "gentlemen there is
today a position to stop the process at such and such a
stage" - even Jerusalem. There are no red lines. And I
am well aware of
what people in the government are saying and doing.
(The entire interview is available from

He, with others, understands the problem, but is
seemingly unaware of the solution. However, Eitan later
speaks of the lack of leadership within the right. That
leadership vacuum doesn't necessarily have to exist. He,
along with the others who, by definition, are `crying',
must not only speak up - they must scream out for all to
hear. They must speak the truth, as they see and feel it
- that is their responsibility and obligation as elected
leaders. They must proceed without any consideration of
their personal political future because at the moment the
destiny and fate of all our futures- the future of the
State of Israel and the Jewish People is at stake.

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